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How to say ‘that’s not my job’ without sounding whiny or unhelpful

You can say “I don’t have the capacity right now.”
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Saying “that’s not my job” when a coworker asks for a favor can harm your career advancement.

There are ways to say no without being unaccommodating or rude. 

Instead, politely explain your wish to help but your own time limitations.


Imagine this:

You play professional soccer and your team’s reached the semi-finals. With two minutes left in the game, you’ve somehow ended up in front of your team’s net. An opponent’s winding up to shoot, and your goalkeeper’s nowhere close to where he should be. In fact, there’s no way he’s going to get back in time, meaning you’re the only one standing between the enemy and the goal. Which of the following do you choose to do?

Prepare to stop the shot, no matter what.

Shrug and walk away, allowing your opponent to basically dribble into the goal. After all, you’re not the keeper, so it’s not your job to stop the ball.

I’m willing to bet you’d choose the first option (unless you’re secretly conspiring against your team).

Now let’s change the scenario a bit.

Your co-worker has https://www.facebook.com/1349304701841923 a time-sensitive report due to one of her clients by the end of the day. But due to competing priorities, she doesn’t have the time to complete it. Frantically, she turns to you and asks if you can do her a solid and finish it up for her. What do you do?

Do you find a way to help her out, or do you shake your head no and mutter under your breath something along the lines of “It’s not my job to finish deliverables for your clients.”

Though a trip to the championship game isn’t on the line here, the integrity of your team member (and your company) is. Yet, I’m guessing that in this situation, you at least leaned toward the second option—if not settling on it as your final decision altogether.

“It’s not my job” has become a phrase commonly used in the workplace. But that doesn’t mean it should be. Sure, this attitude may help you avoid doing extra work, but it’ll probably also prevent you from advancing in your career
 since you’ll be labeled as someone unwilling to go above and beyond. Not to mention, it could also get you labeled as lazy and unaccommodating (say goodbye to your happy hour invite).

But — hold the phone a second — just because I’m saying you shouldn’t make regular use of those four words doesn’t mean I think you should always say yes and automatically pick up the slack for others. What I am saying is that, rather than letting these words slip out of your mouth, you should learn how to say yes or no in a way that works for both parties involved.

Instead of ‘No, that’s not my job, try: ‘I’d like to help out, but I don’t have the capacity right now.’
You most likely have a lot on your plate, too. So taking on someone else’s project without a second thought could end up negatively impacting the final product of both your work and your colleague’s. It’s not actually helpful if you do someone’s work poorly for them. And sometimes, it helps soften the blow if you remind the asker of this fact.

But what if you’re not sure?

You need to be honest with yourself about your workload in order to avoid taking on too much. It’ll be worth the couple minutes it takes to step back and see what needs to be prioritized before answering. (And yes, you’re allowed to ask for those few minutes to look at your schedule

Maybe you do have a lot on your to-do list, but some of your tasks are able to be pushed back a couple days. If you’re having trouble figuring this out, ask your supervisor if there’s anything you can de-prioritize in order to help your teammate out. (Think of all the brownie points you’ll get in your boss’ eyes when you ask how you can best assist a team member!)

And if you don’t have the capacity (which is 100% fine), you can still help by pointing your colleague to either another person who may have some free time or a video that can help him learn that pesky Excel formula that’s holding him up.

Just know this: You shouldn’t ever lie if you really do have free time. Others will (eventually) catch onto that and start to see you in a negative light. Not to mention, you’re far less likely to get a yes when you come around asking for a similar favor a few weeks from now.


Instead of ‘Yes, let me drop everything,’ try: ‘How can I help [within this time frame]?’
Great news for your co-worker — you do indeed have some time to help out. And you should. Your associate’s success
 ultimately impacts yours and the success of the company. (Plus, you’re a nice person, right?)

With that said, you still do have your own to-do list
 to work through and you don’t need to toss that aside completely. Instead, by asking “How can I help right now/today/at 3 PM today/for a few hours this morning?” you’re prompting her to give you a specific task — opposed to say, a 10-minute venting and “thank you so much!” session followed by him or her telling you that “Whatever you can take would be amazing.”

Plus, as Muse writer Jessica Kleiman says
, “If you want to be seen as a team player (and someone who cares about his or her own career growth), you need to take on new responsibilities—even if it’s not entirely in your wheelhouse. Hey, you may learn a new skill
 and even find that you enjoy something you never thought you would.”

Bottom line: If you find yourself saying “It’s not my job,” or “It’s not my responsibility,” stop—it’s a horrible tagline to have. It automatically sends the message that you’re not willing to go above and beyond.

Again, you shouldn’t get into a situation in which you’re taking on all of your teammates’ tasks (on top of yours) on a regular basis. If it comes to that, then it’s time to have a conversation with your manager.

But, next time a co-worker requests your assistance, ask yourself: Am I going to walk away from my team, or am I going to jump in front of the ball and save the game? 

Soccer Betting Strategy – 3 Tips For Steady Income

du doan bong da chinh xac hom nayIf you want to learn the essential factors which will assist you choose a prosperous football betting strategy, then take your time and read this report due to the fact this is the most essential information that https://www.facebook.com/1349304701841923 you need to have.

In this document, we are going to talk about three essential elements that you undoubtedly need to be conscious in the event you desire to obtain a steady income from your carrier in football betting. Initial, we are going to speak about the basic knowledge of the current environment of a football team along with its history. Next, we are going to appoint the significance of the implementation of the correct cash management referred to as staking plan. Finally, we are going to conclude talking about the most vital problem in betting: discipline. After reading this report, you will have the ability to follow your favorite football betting strategy and accomplish your goals faster and safer than you ever thought possible.

First, let’s speak about this significance of knowledge of the environment and also the history of football teams to be able to be able to choose the proper football betting technique:

Every football team exists in a diverse environment which contains a variety of quite considerable factors that influence its performance. 1st, it involves the outcomes, the performance as well as the ranking of the last ten games played. Second the tradition of a team against its opponent and third the injuries that a team is suffering of. This info may be effortlessly obtained by reading the newspapers or reading the most vital sport sites. Knowledge of this details will make you much more confident in choosing the proper football betting strategy.

Next, let’s talk about the implementation of the proper staking plan.

Staking plan has to do with the optimization of dollars management which is really a crucial factor for judging if a football betting system is profitable and worth following. Within the market you’ll find plenty of staking plans which are categorized in aggressive and defensive ones. Aggressive ones aim to produce quick profit but are dangerous as they are generally risking the whole staking bank. Defensive ones have as a objective to maintain the staking bank and to gain smaller amounts of profit within the long run. The selection of the staking plan will depend on the selection of the correct football betting strategy.

Finally, we need to mention the most important factor in betting industry: discipline.

In order to follow and evaluate your football betting technique, you’ve to be disciplined. Discipline will keep you on track when things will go tough. If you are not going to be dedicated to your strategy there’s no mean to implement and invest your difficult earned money in betting. Numerous researches found out that the enormous plurality of bettors, up to 98%, are failing and loosing money every day. According to my opinion those bettors are loosing dollars for the reason that they are unable to focus and be steady on their plan. Locate a technique and follow it! Do not change it every single time or after two or three loosing runs. A football betting strategy must be evaluated over the long run and not in a weekend.

These are the three necessary factors you should consider prior to you start to follow a football betting technique. Discover about each and every football team’s environment since this will give you the solid knowledge base to start betting, then decide on a staking plan so that you can keep secure your staking bank within the long run and finally be sure that you might be disciplined following your strategy. Maintain these three suggestions in mind and you will have the ability to evaluate successfully a football betting technique.

Tonneau Covers May Spark A Soccer Mom Revolution

When I upgraded to a new Mustang, my wife took over my old Toyota Tacoma. She was only going to drive my truck for a few months until she found a new car, but its been a year now and she wont give it up. She likes sitting up high while she drives and having the bed for dirty cleats. Not to mention having four-wheel-drive in the winter, which can be quite helpful when battling Northeastern blizzards. Now I dont necessarily want to have to buy a new car, but the truck is starting to have problems and I think we should get rid of it before it dies. My wife recently became the assistant coach of our sons soccer team, so she usually has to transport soccer balls, cones, jerseys, first aid kits, and water jugs to practice. Mini vans have a ton a space, but she loves having the truck bed; and it really can fit a lot. Honestly, I think she is just in denial of becoming a mini van driving soccer mom. Were a younger, hip couple, so I dont think she is ready to trade in her older bohemian lifestyle for a new conventional, boring one. I can sympathize with her; I bought a Mustang.Well marriage is all about compromise, https://www.facebook.com/1349304701841923 and by compromise I mean keeping misses pleased, so I think we will be getting another pick up. My main concern is protecting the contents in the truck bed from rain and snow. Sure, the bed is great for muddy cleats and dirty gear, but what about groceries?

A whole load of groceries wont fit in the cab and we still need to eat, even on days of inclement weather. A mini van can definitely fit a ton of groceries inside, I commented to my wife, but of course she had a response. She always does. Two words. Tonneau covers, she replied. Tonneau covers are solid panels that cover pick up truck beds. Well, I guess she has everything figured out, I just hope she doesnt come crying to me when she wishes she had more interior space. Who knows, maybe soccer moms will start rebelling and dominate the pick up truck market.