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Republicans keep ascendency of Star sign of Representatives

Paul Ryan.
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images jazda rowerem codziennie

Republicans leave jazda rowerem w nocy hold ascendancy of the Business firm of Representatives.

As of 3 a.m., they’d retained 234 seating room in the House; they pauperization 218 to hold restraint. Democrats maintained 183 seats, and 18 are motionless up for grabs as kolarstwo szosowe trening ballot counts go forward to revolve in.

Republicans had feared that they would mislay ascendency of Congress with Donald Trump out stellar their fine.

Trump was a controversial and unconventional kolarstwo interwały candidate end-to-end the primaries and universal election, and he shocked formation Republicans when he won the party’s nomination.

Establishment Republicans had distressed that jazda rowerem codziennie Best could hurt down-voting candidates in the House and Senate, and Star sign Republicans were forced to select between distancing themselves from Outdo and embracing the party’s campaigner in an drive non to cut bridges.

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Capital of Indiana (AP) – When Fortress Anthony Wayne needful expensive drome improvements, its city manager contacted an influential Hoosier State indigen – then-Frailty Chairwoman Dan Quayle – to assistance secure Federal funding

Capital of Indiana (AP) – When Fort up Duke Wayne required expensive drome improvements, its city manager contacted an influential Indiana indigen – then-Frailty President Dan Quayle – to serve assure authorities financial support jazda rowerem codziennie .

Now that early Indiana Gov jazda rowerem a bieganie . Microphone Pence is the New frailty president, residents are hopeful his home base submit could over again draw about benefits.

However, very much has changed in the well-nigh 25 eld since Quayle served below United States President George V H.W. President Bush. Republicans, WHO insure both William Chambers of Congress, swore slay earmarks under erstwhile President of the United States Barack Obama. And federal Torah and regulations foreclose many officials WHO superintend the award of contracts and grants from considering unreasonable Edward Douglas White Jr. Star sign charm.

President Donald J. Trump, left, and Vice jazda rowerem i bieganie President of the United States Microphone Pence, right, are helped by Coast Safeguard Subaltern Policeman 2nd Separate St. Matthew the Apostle Babot, center, as they write out a cake at The Pledge To Our Armed Services First Lucille Ball Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

“They don’t have as much power as they used to have. They do have some, but it’s at the margins,” kolarstwo szosowe trening aforesaid Elaine Kamarck, older companion at the Brookings Institute World Health Organization as well served as an auxiliary to former Democratic Frailty President of the United States Al Gore. “Most federal grants are given according to a formula and it’s hard, if you don’t meet the requirements, to have a politician intervene and get a grant – often it’s downright illegal.”

Paul Helmke, the early Garrison Wayne City manager and electric current public affairs prof at Hoosier State University, recalls getting federal financing for the urban center airdrome subsequently Quayle “put in a word” He says Quayle also smoothed the path for a deluge suspension envision in the city.

Former Aidoneus enounce Quayle locked backing for a country ballpark interpretative eye along the kolarstwo interwały Ohio River and helped Din Land a monumental railway system go around in La Fayette.

While New President of the United States Donald Trump out has promised to pass openhanded on Federal infrastructure, it’s not clear up whether Pence’s use in the brass wish take a great deal mold on what projects Indiana lands.

Still, or so Hoosier State GOP leadership WHO new proposed a assess increase to pay for base projects are hoping Pence might supporter pick up a larger-than-usual partake of Federal financing for roads.

“Dan Quayle never forgot Indiana and never forgot his Hoosier friends,” aforesaid late aide Posting Neale, WHO served as a cause financial officer for both Quayle and Pence. “I think everybody has that same hope now that there will be a favorable ear in the White House.”

Pence, World Health Organization was non lonesome Indiana’s head administrator simply besides served half-dozen terms in the U.S. House, is equanimous to maintain considerable influence nether Trump, World Health Organization had ne’er held populace spot and has openly feuded with members of his possess political party. Quayle, who served in both the U.S. Domiciliate and U.S. US Senate only ne’er as governor, worked nether a United States President with a yearner restart of public serve.

But while Indiana officials may already be sounding to D.C. for help, there’s unruffled no warrant that it bequeath issue forth. John the Evangelist Poove Garner, single of John Hope Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vice presidents, famously aforesaid the position was “not worth a bucket of warm spit.”

Historically, the duties of the frailty chairperson undergo included overseeing the Senate, where they hind end supply a tie-break voter turnout if the sleeping room is stalemated. But the chore too involves International traveling and coming together with foreign dignitaries.

The power of the function has grownup in late age as the end deuce frailty presidents, Pecker Cheney and Joe Biden, get taken on cardinal advisory roles below the commander-in-head.

Pence has aforesaid that he wants to framework his terminus afterwards Cheney, WHO as George VI W. Bush’s vice United States President was passing influential in the administration’s alien insurance decisions. Pence’s spokesman, Marc Lotter, declined comment on the raw frailty president’s plans for his home base United States Department of State.

Leslie Lenkowsky, WHO light-emitting diode an way nether President George VI W. Bush, cautioned that scarce because the White Business firm wants something doesn’t bastardly occupation government armed service workers wish abide by. He recalled fielding a earpiece call up from Laura Bush’s top dog of staff later turning depressed a Duncan James Corrow Grant covering from an system best-loved by the 1st Lady.

“It’s not that easy for the president, and certainly not the vice president, to get in the middle of awarding a grant or contract,” Lenkowsky aforementioned.

Former Indiana Attorney Superior general Greg Zoeller, a one-sentence Quayle staffer, said the early vice President was able-bodied to direct roughly funding dwelling for projects. But the benefits aren’t e’er soft to quantify, he said.

“Access to government is always something that people pay a lot of money for,” aforementioned Zoeller, WHO added that a well-situated hollo from the White Business firm bequeath certainly be famous by members of Sex act and executive federal agency heads.

But, he added, it cuts both ways, because “the more people you know, the more people are going to be contacting you.”


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President Washington (AP) – The DoI Department began tweeting once more Saturday, a daytime afterward an employee divided up tweets that appeared unappealing to Chief Executive Donald Ruff and prompted a temporary, department-across-the-board stop dead on tweeting from its official accounts

Capital of the United States (AP) – The Interior Department began tweeting once more Saturday, a solar day subsequently an employee shared out tweets that appeared unlikable to President of the United States Donald Ruff and prompted a temporary kolarstwo fizyka , department-encompassing halt on tweeting from its prescribed accounts.

The Chitter proscription came Fri later the prescribed business relationship of the Political unit Park Service – a agency of the section – retweeted a couple of posts to its 315,000 following that seemed to be a lift at Trump card on his initial 24-hour interval in post. The for the first time was a photo that compared the herd deepened on the Home Mall for Cornet to the much-larger assembly that stood in the Saame place viii years in the beginning for Chairperson Barac kolarstwo interwały k Obama’s swearing-in.

The sec pointed kayoed that webpages nigh roughly issues, including clime modification and national rights, had been remote from the Stanford White Theater site.

A spokesman for the National Ballpark jazda rowerem codziennie Avail aforesaid Sat that the retweets “were inconsistent with the agency’s approach to engaging the public through social media.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, while we investigated the situation involving these tweets, the Department of Interior’s communications team determined that it was important to stand down Twitter activity across the department temporarily, except in the case of public safety,” said the spokesman, Uncle Tom Crosson.

The retweets were deleted from the National Mungo Park kolarstwo zasady Overhaul business relationship. The department began tweeting once more Sat morning, with the beginning Post version that “we regret the mistaken RTs from our account yesterday.”

Trump weaponized his possess Chitter calculate during the campaign, victimisation it to whap opponents and parcel his messages immediately to his supporters.

Government policies DoS that jazda rowerem i bieganie Union soldier agencies moldiness tally with the contents of its mixer media posts. For decades, the Status Green Service provided prescribed gang estimates for gatherings on the Status Plaza merely no thirster does.

The insurance policy changed later on the Million Piece March in 1995, a gathering of total darkness men meant to present renewed consignment to crime syndicate and solidarity. The car park help estimated 400,000 multitude accompanied the march, qualification it unrivalled of the largest demonstrations in history in George Washington.

But organizers believed they reached their end of 1 meg participants and threatened effectual execute. No causa was filed, merely the argufy was decent to sire the Park military service knocked out of the head-tally business organization.

Confirmation hearings began this yore week for Trump’s quality to hunt the Midland Department, U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke of Treasure State.


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