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You Don’t Need To Be A YouTube Fitness Sensation To Be A Successful Online Personal Trainer.

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Capodon helps you become a better trainer and takes your online personal training business to the next level. Say good-bye to promoting your workout plans, nutritional plans, guides, and one on one coaching out there the old fashion way and say hello to a platform that does it for you.

  • Your own virtual platform that helps you keep track of your clients, organize your business, track your payments, messaging and assigning tasks to your clients.
  • Unlimited number of clients. Unlike any other trainer software, there are no extra costs for being a successful trainer with a large number of clients. The more the better. And your clients get a FREE account for life.
  • Increase your earning potential with the course creation feature. Sell your workout plans, meal plans, and workout videos by creating them into courses that users can buy for the training they seek.

Our Benefits & Features

Lifetime Free Account for Students
  • Our Benefits & Features

    Have Your Own Virtual Platform

    Grow your online training business with the trainer software at Capodon.

  • Our Benefits & Features

    Unlimited Number of Clients

    Your own database to have as many clients as you want. No limit and no additional costs for adding more clients to your system.

  • Our Benefits & Features

    Increase Earning Potential

    Create courses to expand your reach to other potential clients. Grow your business to the next level with the course creation software.

  • Our Benefits & Features

    Create Courses & Workout Plans With Ease

    The potential to earn more money and obtain new clients with the courses you create.

  • Our Benefits & Features

    Connect With Other Trainers

    The network of trainers gives a social aspect to Capodon where you can relate and discuss with others in your industry.

  • Our Benefits & Features

    Accessible Anywhere Anytime

    FREE setup with outstanding support and one low monthly cost available to you anywhere anytime.

The Best Part Of Being A Trainer At Capodon

  • You 100% keep all the money you earn from the courses you create.
  • You get your own separate payment gateway for the transactions from your clients. All you need is a PayPal account.
  • You have an unlimited number of clients and also an unlimited number of transactions, there is no cap to your account.

Our Customer's


I made courses with ease which earned me more money as a personal trainer than I normally would have entirely on my own and the people that bought my courses ended up being my new clients. I can now be at home and train my clients online. The freedom is incredible.

By : Jon Gardner

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    No matter where you are or what time of day,
    we are a click away.

What’s in it for you?
By being a trainer at Capodon you become apart of a credible community of trainers and knowledgeable individuals in the fitness community. You get to showcase your workout plans, meal plans, and guides to an array of people that you didn’t have the opportunity to before. Oh and not mention that your potential to earn more money as a trainer would increase twofold. Not only that you keep every penny you earn.

If you don’t absolutely love Capodon, email us and we will refund every penny immediately. Guaranteed.

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